AWS Workbench

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AWS Workbench Quick Start Guide

This guide assumes that you have set up Obeo Designer successfully, cloned this repository and installed the workbench plugin.

Import sample project

  • Open Obeo Designer.
  • Import ArchOpsDemo project under sample folder into you Obeo workspce.
  • Click here to see how to import the project.

Generate Java code

  • Open the ArchOpsDemo diagram .
  • On the Canvas Right Click -> Generate -> Code
  • On the newly created project Right Click -> Maven -> Update Project
  • Click here to see how to generate java code.

Generate Cloud formation script and deploy

  • Open Terminal
  • Navigate to the directory of the newly formed project
  • Run commands mvn package and then cdk synth.
  • Cloud formation script will be generated in the cdk.out folder in the project directory
  • Click here to see how to generate cloud formation script.
  • The generated script can be deployed to AWS account using cdk deploy .